Wolfsburg, Germany: Readers' Tips

"JW" writes:

Well you are right, the Holiday Inn in Wolfsburg is not the best place to stay. There are other options:

Steimker Berg ParkHotel, much nicer place, 1 mile to downtown in the middle of a very nice park. Clean Room, great first class food. Point of contact: R Ziegler

Nordsteimke: walking distance to Walmart, ca. 2-3 miles downtown. Point of Contact: Herman Pessel. Busses leaveing ca every 30 min to downtown, takes ca. 15 to the Train Station (Bahnhof), great in price, Food is great buergerlich (family restaurant style)

Fred Voglmaier writes:

Two things I wanted to add is that Wolfsburg has a Youth Hostel (for the budget oriented) within walking distance of the plant. Adults can stay for an extra 5 DM (I was under 23 so I my cost was 21DM/person). Also they have a fee "City Bus" in Wolfsburg that takes you from the train station to the Tourist info and stops a bunch of places on the way there.:) PS, if your into Diesel cars, have a look at http://users.uniserve.com/~fred_v/tdi.htm

Marla Mccormick writes (w/ a corrected phone# from Christian):

I recently returned from Wolfsburg with my boyfriend. We stayed at an exellent bed and breakfast.

Knüppeldamm 9
TEL: Tel.: 05361 39883
(international +49 5361 39883)
Excellent, friendly owners, great schnitzel. We were very impressed!

Dotty and John Carreno write:

We just returned from a four week trip on Monday. Started in Copenhagen and ended in London. Our second visit to Wolfsburg (this trip) was much more eventful than the last. We had a lot more time and were able to see the town more. Stayed in a hotel in the market area "The City Hotel Journal" ---very nice and inexpensive too. Went to the museum and noticed that a real "Herbie" has been added since our visit in 95. Was hoping to see a new beetle but I heard that they haven't reached Europe yet. I'm planning to get a red one to match my red 1966 bug :) Saw all the World Cup games and spent most of our trip in Germany -Lubeck, Munchen, Berchtesgargen, Rotenburg and Wolfsburg. Also hit Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium--(Brugge was wonderful!!) and England. Thanks!

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